Tame Your Firm's Administrative Beast.

And make more time for what's important to you.

We're about helping you start, grow, and manage your law firm.

Whether you're just hanging your shingle, you're looking to grow, or simply interested in managing your steady flow of business, Skepsis can help.  We provide a wide range of administrative support services that help solo and small firm attorneys make more time for what's important, and tame their administrative beasts.

  • Bookkeeping: We provide solo and small law firms with RPC-compliant bookkeeping and client trust accounting, along with training and technology selection.
  • IT Support: We'll help you select, design, and maintain your firm's cloud-based systems so you and your firm can be equally productive at the office or on the beach.
  • Cloud Consulting Services: We can help you select the best off-the-shelf cloud business management suites for your firm, or work to develop a suite of custom products to suit your needs.
  • Virtual Assistants: Imagine taking all the clutter out of your office, dropping it in a box, and giving that box to a skilled professional who can handle anything you give her.  That's what having a virtual assistant is like.