3 Apps To Make Your Law Practice More Mobile

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We’ve previously posted about apps that make your business more mobile.  At Skepsis, many of our clients are law firms, and a mobile business isn’t enough – a mobile law practice is what our law firm clients are really after.  To take not only your business, but also your law practice, mobile, add these three apps to your mobile arsenal.

1.  Harvest.  Harvest is probably the simplest, cleanest-looking time-tracking available that still provides full syncing, team management, QuickBooks/Xero integration, and invoicing capabilities.  With Harvest, tracking your time is as simple as clicking a button and assigning a client matter.  To create a client and matter, Harvest provides a simple-to-follow, but also simple-to-customize, wizard that walks even the most technophobic of attorneys through a short series of simple steps.  Invoicing is also a simple button-click with Harvest.  However, one of Harvest’s best features for profit-conscious partners and billable time-conscious associates alike is Harvest’s simple yet detailed report feature, which allows users to view time and profitability of staff, client files, and other metrics with just a few easy clicks.  Harvest is a great do-it-all timesheet for firms of any size.  Note: Harvest is not ideal for firms that do a large volume of flat-fee work; contact us for help figuring out what tools will best fit your practice.  Want to give Harvest a try? Enter the code SKEPSIS50 to get 50% off your first month!

An example of Harvest's time and billing reporting.
An example of Harvest’s time and billing reporting.

2.  Google Scholar.  Google Scholar is a free search engine that allows you to browse scholarly literature and case law. While Google Scholar does not have its own app, it’s easily accessed via any web browser, and also, its open-source nature has allowed a number of developers to create some excellent independent app interfaces.  Ditch those costly legal research bills and see how free legal research, coupled with Google’s excellent search engine, can help your firm.  

3.  TrialPad.  Tired of lugging that laptop to trial?  Or worse, being buried in notebooks of documents during trial?  TrialPad is an Apple iPad app that allows attorneys to organize and present evidence more efficiently.  The app contains simple and effective presentation tools, including callouts, side-by-side comparisons, and highlights.  It also allows you to manage evidence as it comes in at trial, tracking which exhibits have been admitted and which have not with a simple click.  TrialPad supports not only documentary evidence, but also audio and video files.  TrialPad makes adding files easy, as files may be added through Dropbox, iCloud, Wifi, Bluetooth, and iTunes through connection to a computer.  The app supports numerous file formats, including: PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, Multi-Page TIF, TXT, and all audio and video file formats supported by iPad.  The app is a command center for any litigation attorney and makes it easy to display necessary information to the court when an iPad is connected to a larger monitor/projector or wirelessly with AppleTV.

Let us know in the comments: What aspects of your law practice would you like to make more mobile?

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