Ethics-Compliant Bookkeeping for Law Firms

At Skepsis, we provide bookkeeping for attorneys. Period. Like you and your law practice, we are not jacks of all trades, nor do we claim to do it all. We specialize in fully RPC-compliant bookkeeping so you can go home each night knowing your books – and your law license – are in good hands.

We know how important this is; our CEO, Devon Thurtle Anderson, is an attorney licensed in three states, with over 10 years of experience in complex commercial litigation and business law. We understand the challenges, and solutions, of running a law firm, because we’ve lived it. So, make more time for what’s important to you. Whether that’s increasing your billables or getting home in time for dinner each night, let us handle the books to save you time and money, and to provide peace of mind with our fully RPC-compliant services.

Our team of advisors is led by Devon Thurtle Anderson, our Law Firm Specialist. Devon is a practicing attorney licensed in Washington, Oregon, and California, with a successful complex commercial litigation practice. Because Devon must abide by the same ethics rules in her practice as her clients do in theirs, you can rest assured that your trust funds and bookkeeping are being handled professionally and ethically. You’ll also know that you’ll have our years of experience running solo and small law firms, with a strategic and strong financial advocate, and advisor, on your side.

Software We Work With

Xero: Beautiful Accounting Software for Law Firms

Xero is a clean and simple bookkeeping solution that will keep your firm’s books and trust accounting running smoothly and simply. Sign up for Xero through Skepsis, and get the added benefit of access to our team of Xero Certified Advisors.  Our team of Certified Advisors includes Devon Thurtle Anderson, our Law Firm Specialist, who is a licensed attorney in Washington, Oregon, and California with an active complex commercial litigation practice.  Together, Skepsis and Xero can improve your firm’s bookkeeping and trust compliance with immediate results.

Clio: Trust Accounting, Invoicing, Time Tracking, and More

Clio provides all the trust accounting you need in one place, and also provides invoicing and payment features that integrate seamlessly with Xero. Manage your entire practice, from timekeeping to case documents to trust funds, from any device, anywhere in the world, anytime.  Get customized training and help when you sign up through Skepsis (additional fees may apply).  Join tens of thousands of legal professionals who trust Clio to manage and grow their firms.

Gusto: Payroll Made Simple

Gusto is more than just simple, worry-free payroll. It’s employee benefits and a payroll advisor, all rolled into one. Paid Gusto with Skepsis, and you have a team of professionals on your side to make payroll a breeze.

Gusto Partner Program | Bronze Partner

QuickBooks Online: Cloud Accounting

QuickBooks takes traditional bookkeeping software and puts it in the cloud, to make you and your team more flexible and efficient.

Contact us today if you’d like to see if QuickBooks Online is a good solution for your law firm.